Black Hair Holder

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Premium 100% Silk
Certified Non-toxic Dyes
Includes 1 Hair Holder

Nadomi’s Hair Holder pampering your natural hair while you play, sleep, or workout.

Everything that touches your hair can take away moisture and increase the chances of it breaking and being damaged. Other hair ties, scrunchies, ponytail holders etc., are made of synthetic man-made materials which over time pull on your hair and break it off.

Nadomi’s Hair Holder is 100% pure silk which, unlike other hair holder materials, because it is made from 100% silk maintains the moisture in your hair. The 100% silk material of the Hair Holder allows the Hair Holder to glide over your hair when you put it in and take it out. This smooth texture of the silk allows you to maintain moisture in your hair while wearing it.

Whether you are wearing the Hair Holder as a fashion accessory, at night as part of your night time hair routine, or while you are working out, Nadomi’s Hair Holder adds one more way to pamper your hair….

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