Premium Graphite Queen Size

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100% Pure Silk Made from the Highest Grade of Silk (22 momme)
51cm x 76cm (20" x 30")
Includes 1 Pillowcase

Nadomi’s Premium pillowcase pampering your natural hair while you sleep.

Highest Quality Silk.

Nadomi’s Premium 100% pure Mulberry Silk Hypoallergenic pillowcase made from the highest quality of silk will not only pamper you while you sleep, but will also pamper your hair. Unlike cotton, Nadomi’s Premium is 100% pure Mulberry Silk and has natural properties which contains 18 amino acids and maintains the moisture in your hair because it is made from 100% silk. Nadomi provides the highest quality of silk which is tightly woven. The tightly woven fabric produces the smoothest of textures which allows your hair and skin to glide freely across your pillow. This smooth texture allows you to maintain your hairstyle. Another wonderful benefit is that it also maintains your face moisturizers which allow your skin to remain hydrated.


Our pillowcase is not only made of the highest quality silk but is also manufactured to provide a long lasting product. A lightly stitched hemline is unable to hold the fabric in place and eventually breaks loose after multiple washes. However, the Nadomi pillowcase double stitches the seam with the second stitch being a piping border. The piping border adds to the overall sturdy stitching and provides a subtle beautiful stylish detail.

If you are in need of a nightly pamper for your yourself while also pampering your hair and skin, Nadomi will provide the luxury you deserve and the moisture your hair and skin needs!

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